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Class photo 2010

This summer Becky had to get special permission from Wycliffe to be able to teach at SIL-UND because we were not fully supported. As of September 1, 100% of our support was pledged. We have now been assigned from Wycliffe to SIL Americas Area and are functioning in the jobs we have been preparing for over the last two years! Praise God! We are based in Dallas, but our work will take us to various countries around the Americas Area. This autumn we will visit Panama and Mexico.
Becky’s job as Personal and Professional Development Coordinator has kept us busy for the last two weeks. SIL wants to know what expertise, and what skills its people have, so that it can effectively leverage its workforce. Also, as we plan to meet future needs we can use this info to be proactive in making sure we have the people with the right skills to meet the upcoming needs.
One example of this is the staffing of SIL schools every year. In the Americas, SIL staffs schools in three languages – English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Ensuring we have professors in these training programs each semester, who can teach the content in the right languages, is crucial to developing the staff needed in the Bible Translation Movement.