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We asked people to pray for our meeting with the Americas Area staff in January. The meeting was great! We got a clearer understanding of several things:

  • How we will be interacting with Area Activities
  • There is a long tradition of doing Bible in the Americas, but there are many new challenges. Watch our Video to learn some of these!
  • We also met the people we will be working with!

We are confident that this is where God wants us right now, and we are exited about it. Our ministry goals this year include:

  1. Become 100% Supported. Wycliffe will not release / second us to SIL to complete the following goals until we are 100% supported.
  2.  Professional Development Pilot Project. SIL Americas Area desires to have a system in place for tracking and guiding professional development of people needing, receiving, and giving training related to Bible Translation in the Americas. They desire to have a pilot project completed by January 2011. They have asked Becky to do this when we are 100% supported.
  3. Resource Availability Strategy. In the last 70 years SIL has worked in the Americas it has created over 34,000 works related to Bible Translation, Scripture Use, Literacy, Linguistic, Culture & Language Description. Currently there is no comprehensive strategy which allows universal access to these materials by all the parties requiring in these materials for the completion of their tasks. These parties include: Bible Translation project workers, Community members, SIL Administration, Linguistic Consultants, Translation Consultants, Publishers, etc. SIL Americas Area has asked Hugh to help them develop and implement a strategy to be assessed in Dec. 2010.
  4. Leadership Training. SIL Americas Area desires to send us to Panama in October for leadership training due to the nature of our roles in the administration.
    Hugh and Becky