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UND Crosswalk

Becky has served several times over the last few years as teaching staff at SIL-UND in Grand Forks, North Dakota. No winters though. Summer terms only!

  • 2005 – Teaching Assistant – Morphology and Syntax I
  • 2008 – Teaching Assistant – Linguistic Field Methods
  • 2009 – Instructor – Linguistic Field Methods
  • 2010 – Instructor – Linguistic Field Methods

Hugh has also served at SIL-UND several time during these years too. First doing some Network administration and help-desk work for the faculty and students in the SIL-UND program and then later being a TA for under Keith Snider teaching the Tone Course.

  • 2007 – Network Admin and Help Desk
  • 2008 – Help Desk for OS X Client Issues
  • 2009 – Teaching Assistant – Tone