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UND Crosswalk

After a brief week in the St. Louis area, we made our way up to Grand Forks, North Dakota on June 2nd. Staff meetings began on the 3rd; students began arriving on the 5th; registration was on the 7th; and classes began on the 8th. The nine-week whirlwind of the summer has begun. We had not planned on being here this summer, but God has a way of changing our plans. Image of letter from Albert
Special permission was granted for Becky to be able to teach Field Methods at SIL-UND again this summer. Special permission was needed because our financial support is not fully in place. Many of you have joined us as financial partners in recent weeks! Our remaining need is only $686 per month.
Albert Bickford, the Director of SIL-UND, wrote a letter on our behalf that is now available on our website. For those of you who haven’t seen it, please take the time to read it now. It explains the urgency we feel at this time. Our desire is to be fully funded and to springboard from this summer into our roles in Dallas.
For the 120 students in the program here this summer, there is much to learn about linguistics and language development. For the 14 students enrolled in Becky’s course it’s an opportunity to experience a bit of real language as they apply the theory they have learned in other courses. For the staff at the program it is chance to reconnect with like-minded and experienced field workers as we learn from each other everyday.