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Eugene Oregon from Spencer's Butte

Life in Eugene, Oregon

The image above is a view of Eugene from the top of Spencer’s Butte. You can see the University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium in the center.

With life all of the sudden being defined by an academic calendar, here is look at of some significant dates in the recent past and coming up for us this fall. Most of them have to do with Becky’s new endeavor in her doctoral studies.

August in review

  • 17th    Moving truck arrived, loading day
  • 24th    Bethany’s (Becky’s sister’s) wedding in Richmond, Virginia
  • 27th    Becky returned to Texas
  • 29th   Started drive to Oregon

August 29th – September 4th

Paterson Travel Map to Oregon

The long drive – from Duncanville, Texas, to Eugene, Oregon. We did not know where we would live when we set out. It was a bit of an Abram/Abraham adventure, including the living in a tent and traveling westward. We spent most nights in national forest campgrounds; some with amentities and others without. We made a point to drive through some national parks and thoroughly enjoyed the mountain views from valley and summit on our westward journey through the Rockies and Cascades. Eugene rests in the Willamette Valley between the Cascades to the east and the Coastal Range to the West. Thanks for your prayers on our journey. After a roadside stop to check the straps of the rooftop carrier, we could not get the car started again. One call to roadside assistnace and one tow truck ride back to the nearest town, we met Keith (who came in after hours on a holiday weekend) checked the battery and got us going again. We are very grateful that it was just a battery issue and not something more complex or more costly.

Since our arrival we have been staying with a family who enjoys hosting Wycliffe families when they are in town. We are grateful for their hospitality and their willingness to show us around Eugene.


14     Move in day

We will be moving into a house within 4 blocks of the Linguistics Department building! The house is owned by the university and only available for graduate students. We asked many of you to pray for our housing to be sorted before classes began! Thanks for your prayers! And praise God with us for his timely answer! The house has room for Hugh to have an office at home. See below for more about his current work.

18    Graduate Student Orientation

19    Graduate Teaching Fellowship Orientation

At this particular orientation Becky will learn the details of her responsibilities and benefits of her fellowship. The fellowship is through the university and is the funding that made it possible for her to study at UO. She will have bout 16 hours of teaching work each week in addition to her own studies.

21    Graduate Students, Linguistics Department Orientation

24    Classes begin

During orientation Becky will find out which classes she will be taking… and which one she might be teaching!


3    Becky’s Birthday