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From Texas to Oregon to Nigeria

Map of Africa, Nigeria in green with Nigerian flag

After two years in Dallas, we feel that the Lord is calling us on, to re-engage in support of the work in Nigeria! But only God knew that Oregon was on the way to Africa!?!

Becky has been accepted to the University of Oregon to study for a PhD in Linguistics!!!!

University of Oregon Logo

Both of us desire to serve in the capacity of consulting in support of Bible translation. This has been one of our long term goals and now, with the support of our mission administration, Becky will get the ball rolling. Dr. Doris Payne, a professor from UO met Becky in Nigeria back in 2006 and encouraged her to apply. Six years later we see God’s timing play out. Praise God with us for his provision! Tuition will be covered by a Graduate Teaching Fellowship from the University, which means Becky will also be teaching 15 hrs a week as she pursues her own studies.Throughout her classes, Becky will use data from the languages she worked with previously in Nigeria. Her research phase will likely take us back to Nigeria with a view toward longer term consulting work there in the future. (Nigeria has over 500 spoken languages in use today.) We are talking with the Nigeria Group administrators about how this will work out throughout this time of study. There are about 25 languages in related group that Becky worked in previously. Language development projects have started in 11 these languages. And these are only a portion of the 368 languages of Nigeria that have no Scripture at all. before and after Hugh will be able to work in a remote assignment making materials available to those who need access via the internet (relating to the same people he has worked with here in Dallas, in archiving and communications). His big project at present is related to the website. It is a huge undertaking to revamp the website, and the team working on it wants Hugh to stay with them on the project. Pray for the details of this remote assignment to be laid out and finalized so that all are in a good position when we need to be heading to Oregon.

What does this news mean?

  • We still need you. Your prayer and financial support continue to make it possible for us to serve.
  • We are moving, leaving Dallas and looking for new housing in Eugene, Oregon, in mid-August. We’ll be based in Oregon for the duration of study, first for coursework, then making trips to Nigeria during the research phase.
  • In the meantime, we need to be diligent about planning and packing. We’ll also try to be of help to Becky’s parents as they move back to Arkansas in June.

Thanks for standing with us over the years and
thanks for moving ahead with us to Oregon and beyond!

Hugh and Becky