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Andrew at workThis summer SIL’s Language and Culture Archive is hosting its first internship/practicum. For more information contact Hugh. The  L& C Archive is trying to reach out to students (and persons in general) who are interested in archiving and related fields and provide them with a venue for gaining expereince while making a difference in the Bible Translation movment. Would you dream with me? The are many items in the archive which need to be identified and to have information about them collected by interviewing former SIL staff. The idea has come about that we need someone to interview former SIL staff who worked in places like Colombia, but the person who would be interviewing the retirees would need to take the items with them to the interview. How can someone drag 2000+ photos to an interview? Well, take them on an iPad! Then, when someone sees a photo that they know something about, the interviewer can write it down right in the photo’s description. If you want to read more about my ideas for using the iPad in this manner and on social meta-data collection read my blog post at:

The iPad Team is only half of the solution, we still need a website where people can comment on photos, and we can then download those comments to our archive system. So, please pray for the archiving team as we prepare several things to make this happen.

  • We need interested people to become involved.
  • We need someone to manage the project, and
  • We need funds for supplies.

Several of us on the archiving team are working together on this. We are applying for grant funding, but none of us have a lot of experience in grant writing.