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Professional Development

Human Resource development and talent management.

Becky’s project in Americas Area was to deploy a web-based system to allow SIL administration to access, develop, and project the need professional skills based on the projected needs in the strategies the administration implements.

I’m talking about Professional Development defined as an intentional set of activities to attain knowledge and skills for the purpose of better serving in a field of expertise.
In order to meet the needs of our partner organizations who ask for more training and consulting services,

Professional Development sits at the junction of People, Strategy, and Skills.

Becky’s Role: Professional Development Coordinator

Becky will coordinate the development of SIL Americas Area corporate strategy for making sure that the personnel in the Americas Area are trained to meet the needs of the language communities we serve. Some of the challenges she will be addressing are the change in personnel and the changing needs in the Americas Area. Some summers, she will also have the opportunity to continue teaching linguistics at the University of North Dakota, where language development workers and Bible translators from all over the world come to receive training.

Becky will ask questions like:

  • What skills do you have?
  • What skills do you need to do the job you are doing?
  • Where can you get those skills?
  • What skills can you pass on?
  • What skill sets does Americas Area need people to have to complete Bible translation in the Americas?

Project Details