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What matters?

It’s another busy season of life. Hugh is working toward the launch of the new website this week. Check it out today and again on Friday to see the difference. Becky has made it to midterms in her second quarter of studies. Because of Hugh’s role with the development of (and because of who he is: a.k.a. a really thoughtful guy) we have been talking a bit about technology, the role of technology in missions, and its role in culture generally.

As the image above shows (which Hugh took two weeks ago during church), we find ourselves at the intersection of technology and theology in many parts of our lives, but do we ever stop to think about technology’s impact in the spread of the news of God’s act of restoring his fellowship with man (and woman, and you and me)? So, over the next few newsletters, we hope you are provoked to thought and action by the concepts in the videos we link to through our blog.

We hope that you will interact and leave comments. But feel free to email us if you prefer to not interact in an open environment. We hope that through this conversation we can talk about Bible translation, scripture impact, technology, culture, language documentation, and what that means to you (our friends, supporters, advocates, family) and to us (your co-labourers in Chirst) as we work through our faith in something the American church (and perhaps the church globally) calls missions.  Join the conversation!

-Hugh and Becky
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