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As we watch this video, I think it would be helpful to think about the role of technologies in the application of Bible truths in our lives. I want us to ask the following questions:

  1. Does the modality of how we engage with scripture matter? – Does it matter if we read the Bible, receive it in a text message, listen to it, watch it in a drama, or video? So, what about digital modalities like geo-location aware apps are they any different?
  2. Interactive technology like GoTandem provides a service to people who want help with being in the scripture more during the day. However, it is necessary for a third party (the owner of the website) to learn about behaviors and habits of people using the service. Is this any different than an accountability partner? – What about the records that the service keeps on its users?
  3. By their nature (how the technology works), do applications like GoTandem teach us to rely on technology or are we as members of a data driven society already depending on technologies and this is just an application with redemptive value? Does having a relationship with a service like GoTandem come at a cost of being sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit? – Do these sorts of applications create a behavioral dependency on technology when we should be depending on a relationship with our creator?
  4. What is the “bible translator’s” role in assisting the global church in reaching audiences through technology with Scripture? Is engaging people with scripture part of the Bible Translator’s role? Is the technologist who creates a platform like GoTandem a Bible Translator? What if that technologist works for a mission agency which is primarily dedicated to Bible Translation – like Wycliffe Bible Translators or Lutheran Bible Translators?