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UND Crosswalk

Dear praying friends,

We have a small window of opportunity ahead of us this summer.

Would you join us in asking
God to make our way clear?


The open doors in front of us include:

  • A chance to visit Nigeria from mid-August to mid-September, between the end of Hugh’s summer courses in North Dakota and the start of Becky’s fall courses in Oregon
  • A chance for Hugh to finish his coursework for his MA at the University of North Dakota
  • A chance for Becky to work with a professor at UND and at the same time get a tuition discount that can be applied to Hugh’s studies, this will also be a time to prepare for the weeks in Nigeria to have the best plan possible to collect important language data

The challenges ahead of us include:

  • The cost of getting to Nigeria ($3600 in airfare, ≈$350 in fees for Nigerian Visas), cost of travel and living while in Nigeria ($800 – $1500)
  • The cost of non-tuition expenses for Hugh at UND ($1300 for room and board, ≈$500 in administrative fees, plus the cost of travel to North Dakota from Oregon)
  • Unpredictable unrest in parts of Nigeria


Please pray for wisdom for us as we decide in the coming weeks

  • How we should walk through these open doors
  • When we should apply for Nigerian visas
  • When we should buy tickets, which tickets/route

Hugh and Becky