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Hugh's classmates summer 2013

SIL-UND and Trip to Nigeria

Thank you to those who responded to our May newsletter and video. We are grateful for God’s provision through you for the special gifts towards our summer costs while at SIL-UND. About half of the funds needed for our trip to Nigeria have been pledged and/or given. We plan to visit the language community that Becky worked with from 2004-2007. This will be Hugh’s first time in Nigeria, and many people are eager to meet him. Some more detailed information is in the video.

You can help us with the remaining need for trip expenses. We still need about $4000 to cover the cost of flights, visas and expenses on the ground in Nigeria during our one month visit. Click the image below to give financially towards these expenses through Wycliffe’s website. Copy this note to be sure your gift goes toward our special project. “For the Wycliffe ministry of Hugh and Becky Paterson, Nigeria 2013, Acct# 74-215241″

Image of Wycliffe donation page

A challenging summer

Hugh would appreciate your prayers as he is close to the finish line of an intense 9 week course. The Literacy Mega-Course is proving to be a mega work load for him. Would you join me in praying him through?

I (Becky) have had a few health issues surface this spring/summer, nothing too serious at the moment. Please pray that I learn what precautions I need to take to stay healthy through much change and movement. Also, would you specifically pray for my right wrist? I have strained it somehow which makes computer work a chore.

Below is a calendar of upcoming important dates (followed by a review of dates throughout the summer). Travel is especially taxing. Would you pray for us specifically for safety and open roads (and skies) for the dates marked with an asterisk (*) below.

A look ahead…

Jul 29 – Aug 2     Final week of classes at SIL-UND

*Aug 2           Start the long drive back to Oregon (camping along the way)

Aug 6            Marks the start of Becky’s 10th year with Wycliffe

*Aug 18          Fly to Nigeria

Aug 19           Arrive in Abuja, Nigeria

*Aug 20          Travel with colleague James to the language area

Aug 20 – Sep 3   Visit language area in northwestern Nigeria

*Sep 3           Travel to Jos, Nigeria

Sep 3 – Sep 14   Meet in-country leadership

*Sep 15          Travel to Abuja, Nigeria

*Sep 16          Fly to Split, Croatia

Sep 18 – 21      46th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea

Sep 18           Becky presents a linguistics paper at SLE meeting

Sep 21 – 23      A wee rest for the weary

*Sep 24          Fly back to Oregon

Sep 30           Becky’s classes begin at UO

For those who wonder what we’ve been up to this summer, here is a look back.

A look back…summer 2013

May 24                Our 5th Wedding Anniversary! Woohoo!

Late May        Hugh drives from Eugene, Oregon, to Grand Forks,North Dakota

Jun 2            Classes begin at SIL-UND

Jun 12           Becky wraps up at UO and flies to UND

Jun 13           Becky starts her teaching assistant responsibilities for the Tone Analysis course

Jun 15           Hugh’s Birthday!

Jun 26           Application for Nigerian visas mailed to Consulate

Jul 9            Nigerian visas received!

Jul 11           Tickets to Nigeria reserved