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When we think of language use, it is not just the words or sounds of the language we must think about. It is the whole communicative event. The ideas, the relationships, the social connections and how ideas travel through social networks and result in affecting people. This is where linguistics and social network analysis come together. Social network analysis (SNA) looks at people and their relationships and looks for patterns. In language vitality studies we might choose to look at a social network to see how often or in which contexts a language is used. This gives us some idea to its importance as a medium of communication for a particular segment of the population. This video does a rather good job at explaining how SNA can help in the transmission of ideas.

  • How can we apply this knowledge to Cross-Cultural Service Contexts?
  • What about changing the hearts and minds of people? – Part of changing hearts and minds is inherently changing what a person believes. Belief changes through knowledge transmission and interaction with knowledge.