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Keys at the new house.

Starting with prayer

We got the keys!!!!!!!!!!

Dear friends,
June 9th we finally got the keys to the new house. We were excited to get things started regarding repairs, cleaning, etc. This put us about 2 weeks behind schedule (and yes, we are still feeling the impacts from this late start).

In the midst of this transition, we wanted to start things off right. We invited local friends to stop by the house to thank God for his provision and to pray with us for God’s continued favor and blessing on this new house. About ten people from church and our church community group stopped by throughout the week to pray with and for us. We were truly blessed. We desire our home to be a place of sanctuary, blessing and ministry for any and all who come through the door.

On June 28th we moved things to our new house. There was a gracious showing of friends from our small group here in Oregon, and even some of Becky’s fellow students. Some of the ladies from our small group helped Becky clean the rental in which we had been living so that we could turn over the keys on June 30th.

Thank you to those who prayed for the negotiations with the seller. Please consider taking a moment (perhaps right now) to thank God for his continued provision! We’d love to know that you took a moment to pray for us and our house adventure today. Our new address is at the bottom of this email.

Answered prayers

Also, thank you to those who have continued to pray for Nigeria, for the elections earlier this year and the handover of the presidency on May 29th. All went much better than most people expected. There are still many reasons to pray for the people of Nigeria and the many complex problems they face on a daily basis. Please continue with us in prayer for this diverse place. We hope that we’ll be in a place with family life and funding to be in Nigeria for Becky’s dissertation research as early as Apr/May 2016. Looking ahead, we hope to spend at least 6-9 months in Nigeria in 2016/2017.

Comings and goings…

Hugh leaves on July 9th for the University of North Dakota to work with his thesis adviser and move closer toward finishing his Master’s degree. Then on August 7th Hugh flies to Glasgow to present a paper at the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. This conference is held every four years and can be very influential in the world of linguistics. Hugh has a chance to present his research on the need for an updated way of writing tone (pitch). As tone is a crucial part of many of the world’s languages, we are hopeful that his ideas will spark dialogue to help improve the methods currently recognized by the Congress.

Becky will be in Eugene throughout Hugh’s time away. She is now 32 weeks pregnant. The baby is growing well, has already turned, and is kicking… a lot. Pray for Becky as she adjusts to the realities of the third trimester, keeps unpacking and manages two repair projects on the new house. She has a great support network through our church and friends in Eugene, and Hugh’s sister, Moriah, will be headed to Oregon shortly to spend several weeks helping Becky while Hugh has to be away.

Your turn…

If it’s a boy should we correct the mis-numbering of the Hughs? Hugh is the third, but if we are counting correctly, he should be the fourth. (Both his dad and grandfather were named junior). If it’s a boy, should we name him Hugh IV (the fourth) or Hugh V (the fifth)????

But… if it’s a girl… should we give her the last name Patersonová or just Paterson? Your thoughtful insight to these naming dilemmas is highly welcome. As you can tell, Hugh is adamant about finding an appropriate suffix for the name of his first child.

Hugh and Becky