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Friends in Kukum

The members of the Ut-Ma’in translation team have communicated to us that before they continue with translation, they really need and want literacy in the community. That is, it is their perception that if translation continues without people reading, they are not going to get the community support needed to finish and successfully use the translation. These team members have also communicated that they want literacy before the Bible comes because they want everyone in the community non-Christian and Christian alike to learn to read. They do not want the activity of reading to be perceived by non-Christians to be a “Christian” activity. We trust that Hugh will be able to give a boost to this literacy need while we are in Nigeria for Becky’s dissertation research. We are not exactly sure what form that will take at this point.

We are excited about some news from a coworker. A church in the US is partnering directly with the Ut-Ma’in translation team in order to facilitate the publication of the translation of Acts. This would be the second book of the Bible published for the Ut-Ma’in people; they currently have only the Gospel of Luke. Please pray for good communication in the process of getting this out to the people.