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Minutes after birth

We missed the 9/10/11, we missed the due-date, we missed 9/9/15 and 9/10/15.

But we nailed 9/11/15.

Born at 1:25 AM in Oregon. A baby girl, who weighed 8lbs, 6 oz, (~3.79kg) and was 21 inches (53.34 cm) long.

Her name is Katja Ailsa Patersonová.

It’s kinda like Katja is a supernova, but all Paterson….

Becky was a trooper, pushing through the first natural birth in both of our families since our grandparent’s generation. (Hugh’s mom had all C-Sections, and Becky’s mom had all C-Sections, and all of our mothers’ children who have had kids have all had C-Sections. – I guess that makes our family sound like a bunch of cut-ups…) Both baby and mother are healthy.

Just incase there was a bit of confusion… we have a baby, not a puppy.

A baby not a puppy

This is a puppy. Katja is not a puppy.