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Nigeria Map with Oregon Overlay

People often ask, How big is Nigeria?


Early this past Friday morning we received a call from our colleague David in Nigeria. We never know what to expect when we see that +234 Nigeria country code on the phone. Often the calls are very brief, a greeting through loud static on the line. A lot of “Can you hear me?” and having [...]

Friends in Kukum

The members of the Ut-Ma’in translation team have communicated to us that before they continue with translation, they really need and want literacy in the community. That is, it is their perception that if translation continues without people reading, they are not going to get the community support needed to finish and successfully use the [...]

Becky in Kukum in 2004.
Buckets in TM

Just a short video showing some of the accommodations in Tungan Magajiya. This was Hugh’s first time staying in a place where bucket showers are the norm.

Ladies singing in church
Confused by big head

Samuel Danture sharing about the Bible’s impact and his perception of how Dukawa people understand Hausa (the trade language).