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Hugh and Becky in the Oregon snow

As the end of 2013 approaches, we are ever mindful of God’s provision for our every need throughout the last 12 months, but also the last 10 years. Ten years ago Becky started this faith journey on mission with Wycliffe Bible Translators. We are excited for what lies ahead in the years to come!

2013 Christmas Card Header

We are getting ready to ship our Christmas newsletter. Look for it in the post this week. If you don’t get it, it could be because we don’t have your current address.

Translators reading scripture

The church we attend when we are in Dallas, Texas, has an international Sunday celebration every year. Here are some of our friends reading passages in minority languages. In most cases the ability to read these texts in these languages is the culmination of many people’s work (including the reader) and many years of effort.

Bible on a shelf

As we watch this video, I think it would be helpful to think about the role of technologies in the application of Bible truths in our lives. I want us to ask the following questions: Does the modality of how we engage with scripture matter? – Does it matter if we read the Bible, receive [...]

Eugene Oregon from Spencer's Butte

Life in Eugene, Oregon The image above is a view of Eugene from the top of Spencer’s Butte. You can see the University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium in the center. With life all of the sudden being defined by an academic calendar, here is look at of some significant dates in the recent past and [...]

This summer SIL’s Language and Culture Archive is hosting its first internship/practicum. For more information contact Hugh. The  L& C Archive is trying to reach out to students (and persons in general) who are interested in archiving and related fields and provide them with a venue for gaining expereince while making a difference in the [...]

The summer of 2001 marked the 50th year of partnership between SIL and the University of North Dakota. That summer also marked Becky’s first encounter with the world of linguistics and it’s role in Bible translation. She was fascinated and hooked for life! Summers 2001 – 2005 Every summer for five straight years Becky attended [...]

Can we dream…? …because there are so many items in the archive which we need identified and information about them collected. The idea has come about that we need someone to interview some of the people who used to work for SIL in places like Colombia. But the person who would be interviewing the retirees [...]