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Nigeria Map with Oregon Overlay

People often ask, How big is Nigeria?


Early this past Friday morning we received a call from our colleague David in Nigeria. We never know what to expect when we see that +234 Nigeria country code on the phone. Often the calls are very brief, a greeting through loud static on the line. A lot of “Can you hear me?” and having [...]

Katja Patersonová

Some of you have asked for photos of Katja. Hugh has uploaded some photos of Katja to our website.


Baby Coming!

Sara and Becky

Becky standing with Sara at a poster presentation of their shared research at the University of Oregon Graduate Forum on February 20. 150 graduate students presented their research in this cross-discipline forum.

Merry Christmas!

History of English in Ten Minutes

Becky has been teaching a course on the history of English. As this short video (11 min.) shows there are quite a few influences on the way we speak English and invention of new words. Social history has played a larger part in shaping meaning of terms and idioms. This is no less true for [...]

Incoming Director CABTAL, Cameroon