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User Experience Consulting

Category: Portfolio

SIL Blue

Hugh works with SIL internal business units to help them articulate the services they provide and then to visualize those as web based interactions on This involves: a lot of talking and listening understanding the big picture goals understanding how website users behave understanding technologies and their relationship to business goals helping business unit [...]


Hugh worked with the Linguistics Coordinator and with the Access Coordinator to make language materials available to translators, researchers and language development workers. Currently there is a wealth of information that is simply inaccessible to those who need it. Hugh helped in the implementation of a system to make these materials available digitally, via the [...]


Becky’s project in Americas Area was to deploy a web-based system to allow SIL administration to access, develop, and project the need professional skills based on the projected needs in the strategies the administration implements. I’m talking about Professional Development defined as an intentional set of activities to attain knowledge and skills for the purpose [...]


Hugh has been working with a fabulous team on this project!

Growing Coffee Beans in Mexico

Language documentation is a process where a variety of speech genres are recorded, transcribed, annotated, and archived. These segments of speech can then be used for a variety of purposes. They often include traditional stories and conversations in languages which are under-described, this includes rarely spoken (endangered languages) or where in the coming generation will [...]

Map of Me'phaa language area

Through the fall and winter of 2010-2011 we participated in a language documentation project in Guerrero, México. The project was headed up by Steve Marlett and included Kevin Cline. Hugh did a variety of things including the collection of audio and video texts and data management for the team. One of the outstanding research questions [...]

UND Crosswalk

Becky has served several times over the last few years as teaching staff at SIL-UND in Grand Forks, North Dakota. No winters though. Summer terms only! 2005 – Teaching Assistant – Morphology and Syntax I 2008 – Teaching Assistant – Linguistic Field Methods 2009 – Instructor – Linguistic Field Methods 2010 – Instructor – Linguistic [...]

Payap Logo

Becky had the privilege of spending one semester (Fall 2007) as a visiting instructor at Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her responsibilities included teaching a graduate level course on Semantics. All classes were conducted in English, but the student population was very international. She had students from 5 different countries.

View of the the area around Kufai, Gombe State

Between January 2005 and February of 2007, I (Becky) made several trips to Gombe State, Nigeria. I was part of a team of translation consultants and linguists who were coming along side of community members from 9 language communities in Gombe State. They were eager to make progress toward translating the Bible into their languages. [...]

Map of the Pipero language area

Pipero is a West Chadic language spoken by approximately 25,000 people in southern Gombe State, Nigeria. The language is know by other names in including Filiya (the name of one of the largest towns). Most Pero people live as farmers; their primary crops include guinea corn, peanuts, beniseed (sesame seed), millet, maize, cotton, beans and [...]