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History of English

Category: Video

History of English in Ten Minutes

Becky has been teaching a course on the history of English. As this short video (11 min.) shows there are quite a few influences on the way we speak English and invention of new words. Social history has played a larger part in shaping meaning of terms and idioms. This is no less true for [...]

Incoming Director CABTAL, Cameroon
Becky in Kukum in 2004.
Buckets in TM

Just a short video showing some of the accommodations in Tungan Magajiya. This was Hugh’s first time staying in a place where bucket showers are the norm.

Ladies singing in church
Confused by big head

Samuel Danture sharing about the Bible’s impact and his perception of how Dukawa people understand Hausa (the trade language).

Bob the Kungfu Cat

One of the assignments in the Literacy Mega-Course is to write, produce and the present the “big book” in a public reading. A “big book” is a tool to help students learn to sight read in a group setting.

Image of social network graph

When we think of language use, it is not just the words or sounds of the language we must think about. It is the whole communicative event. The ideas, the relationships, the social connections and how ideas travel through social networks and result in affecting people. This is where linguistics and social network analysis come [...]

Arnie Cole

I wrote previously encouraging us to think about the mode of engagement as we look at how people interact with the Christian scriptures. I may sound critical of the digital mode and what it entails, but I am not critical of what some of the creators of GoTandem are doing. I think it is also [...]

Translators reading scripture

The church we attend when we are in Dallas, Texas, has an international Sunday celebration every year. Here are some of our friends reading passages in minority languages. In most cases the ability to read these texts in these languages is the culmination of many people’s work (including the reader) and many years of effort.