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To Give Online
You can give online at Wycliffe’s website.

To send financial support:
Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.O. Box 628200
Orlando, Florida 32862-8200

Financial Support Information:
For Tax-deductible receipts, support must be sent sent to the Wycliffe Bible Translators Address. Checks are to be made out to “Wycliffe Bible Translators” and must not directly contain our names or our account number.
It is suggested that a Post-It (™) note be attached to the check saying: “for the ministry of Hugh and Becky Paterson” and our account number (#215241) be included on the Post-It(™).

It is vital to our success to have people praying for us. We consider our prayer partners an essential part of our team. There are several ways we communicate with our prayer partners, one of those ways is through our Prayer Points/Calendar.

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Partnership through prayer is not just a one way endeavor. We maintain a list of people who have expressed interest in our endeavors and pray for some of them each day.

Two way Street

We see a partnership as two parties working together for a common goal. As a partners with your church, we want to be of service to you. We would like to help you have a better understanding of Bible translation and missions in general. It is our firm belief that, for the church to be successful in multiplying that the Word of God needs to be accessible to the people the church is trying to reach. A church planter with out a Bible is like a car mechanic with out a tool. Similarly, a mighty oak without a root system to hold it solidly in place will never reach its true potential.

Here are some ways we can serve you:

  • Present Wycliffe’s work at a retreat, regular Church service, small group or Sunday school class.
  • Present a special showing of a Wycliffe video. We have a variety of videos and programs available for all ages.
  • Present Wycliffe’s work in a children’s program- Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, or AWANA club.
  • Do you have a prayer need? We are available to pray with you or for any concerns your Church may have.
  • We would be happy to come to your church. Please feel free to contact us to make arrangements.


    Are my gifts tax deductible?

  • Absolutely! Any financial gifts given to Wycliffe are tax deductible. However, please make sure to not include our name or account number on the check, but instead include this information on a separate note.
  • How do I get a receipt?

  • Wycliffe will send a receipt directly to the partner. This is usually sent to the address on the check. Along with the receipt, you will also receive a convenient form for a future gift and a free copy of In Focus, a donor newsletter.
  • Do I have to write a check? Can I donate online?

  • Wycliffe offers multiple ways to donate. Using a credit card on the Wycliffe website ( is one option. Also available is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This is an optional service that authorizes Wycliffe to deduct gifts automatically from a checking or savings account. EFT saves you time and money, avoiding postage and check costs and ensuring that your checks won’t be delayed or lost in the mail. It also helps Wycliffe achieve better stewardship of your gifts by reducing processing time and costs. Please see the website or send us an email if you would like help getting this started.
  • Where does the money go?

  • Of the money sent to Wycliffe in support of our ministry, 90 percent goes to our account. Ten percent is directed to Wycliffe’s general fund in order to cover administration costs such as computer support, facilities maintenance, and other management type expenses that go into supporting members.