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The audio challenge

Tag: Archiving

People have been speaking for a long time. (Probably since Adam ) In the archive we have 100s of Reel-to-Reels and cassette tapes with stories and texts in the languages SIL has served over the last 70 years. Many of these stories have never been written down. These stories and recordings are valued by the [...]

This summer SIL’s Language and Culture Archive is hosting its first internship/practicum. For more information contact Hugh. The  L& C Archive is trying to reach out to students (and persons in general) who are interested in archiving and related fields and provide them with a venue for gaining expereince while making a difference in the [...]


Hugh worked with the Linguistics Coordinator and with the Access Coordinator to make language materials available to translators, researchers and language development workers. Currently there is a wealth of information that is simply inaccessible to those who need it. Hugh helped in the implementation of a system to make these materials available digitally, via the [...]