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ICLDC 2015

Tag: Conference


We both presented at the 46th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, hosted at the University of Oregon.

Becky Paterson receiving a copy of her first publication from Roger Blench.

In Cambridge… On July 6th Hugh successfully presented his paper entitled Keyboard layout as part of language documentation: the case of the Me’phaa and Chinantec keyboards. It was well received and received several follow up questions and comments. Many others in attendance face similar issues in their work with minority language speakers around the world. [...]

Hugh and Becky at Columbia River

In January, we went to the LSA (a.k.a., the Linguistic Society of America) annual meeting in Portland, Oregon, with a dozen other SIL linguists and at least a couple thousand others from elsewhere. We didn’t present any papers, but we met a lot of other linguists and each attended about 20 lectures or presentations. Walking [...]