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A busy summer

Tag: Eugene

Keys at the new house.

Starting with prayer We got the keys!!!!!!!!!! Dear friends, June 9th we finally got the keys to the new house. We were excited to get things started regarding repairs, cleaning, etc. This put us about 2 weeks behind schedule (and yes, we are still feeling the impacts from this late start). In the midst of [...]

Stack of Books

A short commute We are very grateful to all of you who prayed with us for God’s provision for housing here in Eugene. The house is very conveniently located just off campus. The daily commute for Becky has been ideal. Classes and her office are a short walk or a quick bike ride away. Thanks [...]

Eugene Oregon from Spencer's Butte

Life in Eugene, Oregon The image above is a view of Eugene from the top of Spencer’s Butte. You can see the University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium in the center. With life all of the sudden being defined by an academic calendar, here is look at of some significant dates in the recent past and [...]

From Texas to Oregon to Nigeria

After two years in Dallas, we feel that the Lord is calling us on, to re-engage in support of the work in Nigeria! But only God knew that Oregon was on the way to Africa!?! Becky has been accepted to the University of Oregon to study for a PhD in Linguistics!!!! Both of us desire [...]