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Language Documentation

Tag: Fieldwork

Growing Coffee Beans in Mexico

Language documentation is a process where a variety of speech genres are recorded, transcribed, annotated, and archived. These segments of speech can then be used for a variety of purposes. They often include traditional stories and conversations in languages which are under-described, this includes rarely spoken (endangered languages) or where in the coming generation will [...]

Map of Me'phaa language area

Through the fall and winter of 2010-2011 we participated in a language documentation project in Guerrero, México. The project was headed up by Steve Marlett and included Kevin Cline. Hugh did a variety of things including the collection of audio and video texts and data management for the team. One of the outstanding research questions [...]

(August 2010) The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have granted SIL linguist Stephen Marlett, Ph.D., a 12-month fellowship. This project will undertake a broad and multifaceted documentation and description of the Me’phaa genus (Otomanguean family, Guerrero, Mexico). It will produce digital recordings—both video and audio—vocabulary, grammar and texts. These [...]