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An early morning phone call

Tag: Linguistics


Early this past Friday morning we received a call from our colleague David in Nigeria. We never know what to expect when we see that +234 Nigeria country code on the phone. Often the calls are very brief, a greeting through loud static on the line. A lot of “Can you hear me?” and having [...]


We both presented at the 46th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, hosted at the University of Oregon.

Stack of Books

A short commute We are very grateful to all of you who prayed with us for God’s provision for housing here in Eugene. The house is very conveniently located just off campus. The daily commute for Becky has been ideal. Classes and her office are a short walk or a quick bike ride away. Thanks [...]

Cheshire cat smiling down

An exploration at the impact of digital mediums on literacy, with a special look at visual relevance.

Growing Coffee Beans in Mexico

Language documentation is a process where a variety of speech genres are recorded, transcribed, annotated, and archived. These segments of speech can then be used for a variety of purposes. They often include traditional stories and conversations in languages which are under-described, this includes rarely spoken (endangered languages) or where in the coming generation will [...]

This summer, one of the professors at SIL-UND asked Hugh if he wanted to help him with an up-coming project in Mexico. At first this just sounded like a nice way for Hugh to get some field experience. But further discussion has led this opportunity into reality and to become a strategic part of Hugh’s [...]