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An early morning phone call

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Early this past Friday morning we received a call from our colleague David in Nigeria. We never know what to expect when we see that +234 Nigeria country code on the phone. Often the calls are very brief, a greeting through loud static on the line. A lot of “Can you hear me?” and having [...]

Minutes after birth

We missed the 9/10/11, we missed the due-date, we missed 9/9/15 and 9/10/15. But we nailed 9/11/15. Born at 1:25 AM in Oregon. A baby girl, who weighed 8lbs, 6 oz, (~3.79kg) and was 21 inches (53.34 cm) long. Her name is Katja Ailsa Patersonová. It’s kinda like Katja is a supernova, but all Paterson…. [...]

Keys at the new house.

Starting with prayer We got the keys!!!!!!!!!! Dear friends, June 9th we finally got the keys to the new house. We were excited to get things started regarding repairs, cleaning, etc. This put us about 2 weeks behind schedule (and yes, we are still feeling the impacts from this late start). In the midst of [...]

2013 Christmas Card Header

We are getting ready to ship our Christmas newsletter. Look for it in the post this week. If you don’t get it, it could be because we don’t have your current address.

reading technology

What matters? It’s another busy season of life. Hugh is working toward the launch of the new website this week. Check it out today and again on Friday to see the difference. Becky has made it to midterms in her second quarter of studies. Because of Hugh’s role with the development of (and because of who he [...]