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Confusion and misunderstanding impacting ecclesial work

Tag: Nigeria

Confused by big head

Samuel Danture sharing about the Bible’s impact and his perception of how Dukawa people understand Hausa (the trade language).

UND Crosswalk

Dear praying friends, We have a small window of opportunity ahead of us this summer. Would you join us in asking God to make our way clear?   The open doors in front of us include: A chance to visit Nigeria from mid-August to mid-September, between the end of Hugh’s summer courses in North Dakota [...]

Why is summer 2013 big for us? And what are we going to do with 2,750 lattes? Two primary events – (1) Trip to Nigeria, and (2) Preparations at SIL-UND. (1) Trip to Nigeria We plan on being in Nigeria for 4 weeks – mid-August to mid-September. This allows for two things: Becky to use [...]

Map of the Pipero language area

Pipero is a West Chadic language spoken by approximately 25,000 people in southern Gombe State, Nigeria. The language is know by other names in including Filiya (the name of one of the largest towns). Most Pero people live as farmers; their primary crops include guinea corn, peanuts, beniseed (sesame seed), millet, maize, cotton, beans and [...]

map of gel area

Becky met the u̱t-Maꞌin Language Development team in April 2005. In November 2005, she was able to return to the language area and begin learning about their language. She had the privilege of working with them from November 2005 through March 2007; Making several trips a year to the language area and working with speakers who [...]