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Meetings – No problem

Tag: SIL International

Dallas Meetings

This week Hugh is participating in a series planning meetings with the support services group in Dallas. He is telecommuting into meeting. There are participants all over the world. In Oregon these meetings start at 6 am. We are discussing strategies and ways we can better work together. We are taking a look at things [...]

Cheshire cat smiling down

An exploration at the impact of digital mediums on literacy, with a special look at visual relevance.


Hugh has been working with a fabulous team on this project!

Participants at workshop

In October, we had the opportunity to be two of three main presenters at a workshop on using FieldWorks Language Explorer, a computer program, for creating dictionaries.  A total of 60 student participants from Malaysia and abroad took part in the workshop. Most of the participants were from the ethnolinguistic minority communities of Sabah and [...]

(August 2010) The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have granted SIL linguist Stephen Marlett, Ph.D., a 12-month fellowship. This project will undertake a broad and multifaceted documentation and description of the Me’phaa genus (Otomanguean family, Guerrero, Mexico). It will produce digital recordings—both video and audio—vocabulary, grammar and texts. These [...]

UND Crosswalk

Becky has served several times over the last few years as teaching staff at SIL-UND in Grand Forks, North Dakota. No winters though. Summer terms only! 2005 – Teaching Assistant – Morphology and Syntax I 2008 – Teaching Assistant – Linguistic Field Methods 2009 – Instructor – Linguistic Field Methods 2010 – Instructor – Linguistic [...]