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Tag: Technology

Bible on a shelf

As we watch this video, I think it would be helpful to think about the role of technologies in the application of Bible truths in our lives. I want us to ask the following questions: Does the modality of how we engage with scripture matter? – Does it matter if we read the Bible, receive [...]

Internet Cables to Africa

As Becky and I look towards our possible future in Africa one of the interesting things is the availability of internet access. This sort of access not only gives cross-cultural workers like us access to “home” but also gives indigenous language speakers access to each other and to outside ideas. Increased internet access puts added [...]

Mobile technology

This is the first in a series of posts in which we want to begin to discuss the intersection of: Bible Translation Demonstrating who Jesus is to those around us Language Documentation Culture Technology and what is called missions in evangelical circles (especially in the USA). As you watch the video I want us to [...]