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Wycliffe Bible Translators is passionate about seeing all the peoples of the earth have the Bible in the language they understand best. The work of Wycliffe brings the Word of God into a language community through translation and the Word of God brings life to the Church through Christ’s followers who commit themselves to the work. When God’s Spirit, God’s Church and God’s Word reside and work together, God’s glory brings transformation. (More about Wycliffe.)

Wycliffe USA serves the Bible translation movement by connecting resources with opportunities. The challenges and opportunities of Bible translation provide specific prayer points for each person who chooses to participate as an intercessor. People who are called to serve find guidance, training and support through Wycliffe, as they move into ministry. Those who have been blessed with financial resources can invest strategically and confidently through Wycliffe by funding specific missionary ministries.

Wycliffe Bible Translators is an organization that professes the Word it proclaims. Relying on God and rooted in His Word, Wycliffe seeks to bear fruit among new believers who also become rooted in God’s Word. Our goal is to see Bible translation in progress, through partnership, in every language that needs it by the year 2025. The following statements are taken from Wycliffe’s doctrinal statement on its public website.

Wycliffe believes

  • The Bible is God’s message for people everywhere
  • The message of the Bible is evangelistic and is the basis for church planting and growth
  • The most effective means of communication is the mother tongue
  • For a church to be truly indigenous, it must have the Bible in its mother tongue
  • Bible translation is the task of the whole Church, and everyone can have a part